What's with the sweat?

No, we are not a gym...  

We’re a quick serve café offering healthier options, no matter what diet or lifestyle you follow.  We’re not here to tell you what to eat or how to eat it.  That’s up to you.  But need some help in the nutrition department? We got you.


Leslieville is filled with health and fitness professionals and we’ve created an information hub for all of your fitness needs. Whether you’re looking for a new yoga/spin class, a personal trainer, massage therapist or a group to run with, come see us.  We know people.


Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is comprised of athletes, artists, and people who just love to eat. Our food, all made in-house, ranges from vegan and paleo bowls, delicious wraps, and our lightly sweetened baked goods.  Need a caffiene fix? We can help.

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We at Sweat & Soda know exactly how hard it is to get off the couch, so we’ve committed to being active together.  Join us for our group runs and other events and help motivate us too!

Eat | Drink | Move